Intra-HeiCom are solutions for military communications systems . Since the late 90s, Ingenieurbüro Heimann has systematically studied the process for the defense industry in search of military communications solutions that meet the high military technical standards, specifically for:
  • Out -of-area operations
  • non- military operations
In the year 2000, based on the essential requirements of the Federal Armed Forces, Ingenieurbüro Heimann has developed a customized, internal communication system for military use. Up until today, die Intra-HeiCom provides the German Federal Armed Forces with a military communications solution that meet the essential requirements of a modern control and command post. K8_M5_IntraEUA   Intra - HeiCom implies all defense-related communication technologies by a media convergence approach and meets all the essential requirements of a modern military Communication system. These are:
  • Media Convergence
  • Conference capacity
  • Operational use
  • Support of hierarchical structures
  • Many gateways
  • NSA - free system solution
  • TEMPEST secure environment
  • individual adjustments
With classic telecommunication technologies, Battlefield wiring of 72 km in length is used by each regiment. “By bringing together a multitude of technologies, up to 60 km of wire can be saved.", says Gunnar Heimann by describing the many benefits generated by the use of intra-HeiCom components. "That is why the communication and control stations use the advantage of the Voice over Internet Protocol.

Classic technologies

Historically, the currently available communication technologies have different roots. Already in 1670 Morland presented in London attempts to transferring language. The first telephone was constructed in 1837 by Mors. The development of the TV starts in 1883 with Nipkow 's EMC Electric Telescope . The first radio transmission was achieved by Marconi in 1895. Computer networks began to develop in the 1960s.

K8_M5_klassische_komm Classic Communication Systems

Therefore, today there are accordingly many different technologies available. With the stipulation to use:
  • Language ,
  • Data and
  • video
In a military operated system, all these communication systems would have to be installed. This could only be achieved by high material and personal costs.

Media Conversion

In recent decades it has been possible to expand the Internet Protocol to such an extent that so voice, data and video can be incorporated and reliably transmitted.

K8_M5_Internet-Protokollmedia conversion

It has been calculated that using the classical technology, cabling requirements of a regiment add up to 70km. cabling can be reduced to 12 km by using the Internet protocol. The success of the Internet Protocol needs no further discussion. There is hardly an area in which the Internet Protocol has not yet been enforced.

Media Convergence

In modern warfare the use of a variety of communication methods is of great importanc . With Intra - HeiCom we offer an IP-based communications system for control and command posts with gateways in:
  • Mobile radio networks (GSM , GPRS, UMTS)
  • Public networks (analog, ISDN , etc. )
  • Radio networks ( UHF , VHF, HF )
  • Wireless LAN connections ( P.E. IEEE 802.11 )
  • Computer-based local area networks and wide area networks
  • Broadband video and television services
  • Hightech-tools to support public media

Management and conference circuit

In order to perform effectively, each force has its own management level. Connections must be kept on cellular ( GSM , GPRS , UMTS ) , radio ( UHF , VHF, HF ) and public networks . Skills that are far above the commercial telecommunications systems. The Intra - HeiCom 's military communications solutions fills this gap.

NSA – free system solution

The Intra - HeiCom Communication and Control System is a "NSA - free" products from reliable German manufacturing without access possibilities for NSA and other secret services.

TEMPEST- safe environment

TEMPEST refers to the National Security Agency (NSA) and to the NATO issued catalog of requirements for the means of communication. This is intended to prevent unintentional radio, noise or vibration which can be exploited by hostile intelligence services or espionage agents. Intra - HeiCom meets or exceeds the requirements of SDIP 27 Class C (formerly AMSG 784 ) and has been approved of the Federal Office for Security and Information Technology as a certified.

Intra-HeiCom Components

1. MKR - Multi Conference System K8_B1_MKR_12 2. BAMAC – Basis Connection Media Controller K8_B2_BAMAC08 3. IPT – Internet Protokoll Telephone K8_B3_IPT10 4. SYSTEL – System Telephone K8_B4_SYSTEL_12 5. FUE – Radio Transmitter Transfer Station K8_B5_FUE13 6. SPA – Voice Recording System K8_B6_SPA10_02  

Federal Armed Forces applicationFederal Armed Forces application

K8_RS_MKRMulti Conference System

Multi Conference SystemSystem Telephone with the Multi Conference System