IP Phone

Our IP Phone has a long tradition and is now in the third generation. The new design is focused on functionality and provides a robust housing as well as the latest technology.


The front panel as well as the housing base of the IP Phone, are made of robust aluminum. The IP Phone (IPT) is based on Voice over IP technology (VoIP). Equipped with hand-set and a current firmware version the IP-Phone is designed for military purposes. In addition, we offer a management software that facilitates the integration into an existing IP-system.

Hardware Features:

The IP Phone offers the following features:

  • Robust aluminum housing
  • A robust hand-set
  • Mounting of handsets with a magnetic holder on the front panel.
  • Mounting the 4-wire spiral cord of the handsets of the front panel
  • Modern keypad
  • Advanced cable and socket connectors
  • Optional handle holder
  • Optional wall mounting bracket

Software Features

  • Firmware with integrated web interface

Functional range:

  • Take calls
  • Answer calls
  • Ring volume adjustable
  • Missed calls are indicated by a flashing LED
  • Indicates when the Registrar (assigned telephone number of a Conference Server, a system phone or a console BAMAC) is not available.
  • Dial- in conference circles

 Additional features:

The IP phone meets the requirements of SDIP 27 Class C (ER ) according to BSI specifications for zone survey ” Zone 2 ” in an EMC test approved for that purpose.


Dimensions: ( length / width / height )  225 mm/58 mm/63 mm
Cable length: ( in the relaxed state)  30 cm (± 10%)
Weight:  230 g (± 10%)


K5_M1_Innenleben_IPT14_kleinK5_M1_RJ10_Bestestigung Handset_kleinK5_M1_Samtec_Stecker_groß_02_klein